Geotechnical Testing Equipment


The primary use with Geotechnical Testing Equipment is a non-invasive, fast, soil characteristic / parameter identification tool available in a report format, containing graphs and tabular outputs. For in-situ testing on less complex geotechnical projects, Engeolab has access to a number of in-situ testing equipment. Typical applications include:
  • Settlements prediction
  • Un-drained shear strength – cohesive soils
  • Detection of slip surfaces in slopes
  • Liquefaction potential
  • Coefficient of consolidation and permeability walls)
  • OCR and Ko in clays
  • Operative soil modulus M – equivalent to constrained modulus
  • Soil type determination (silt, sand, clay)
  • Compaction control
  • P-y curves for laterally loaded piles
  • Friction angle f in sandy soils
  • Subgrade reaction modulus (diaphragm
  • Subgrade reaction modulus for pavements
In-situ Test